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Many people who own businesses are Facebook subscribers and have the ability to have their own “business page” which allows the business to communicate with the customers and potential customers using the computer. It is an extension of the individual who owns the page.

So when you see a posting in your news stream from a business it is because you liked or shared something. The goal is to get your business in other people’s news stream. This is the momentum of the digital era we cannot help but become submerged kicking and screaming. It’s really not that bad.  As you learn more on how the technology can work for you, you will quickly want to get your Facebook business page created, promoted, liked and shared.

When I say kicking and screaming, I don’t mean you have resisted technology all together, I am confident you have a computer, smartphone (or dumbphone) and even know what “Google it” means.  I am referring to the remaining percentage of baby boomers who do not even have a Facebook account that is used and checked daily.  Your customers don’t listen to the radio anymore (they stream it or iTune it), they don’t read newspapers, (they RSS or Facebook it), and they certainly don’t watch television (they DVR or Tivo it).   So the bottom line is if you want to get in front of your target audience you will need to start with the basics, and that is a Facebook account with a business page.

Posted on October 11, 2013 in Blog, Technology, Websites

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