Scrolling websites, like this one, allow you to direct your audience to your products and services maximizing mobile users on tablets and smart phones. 56% of adults own a smartphone.

-- Aaron Stephens, M.B.A. --

Our Services

Marketing, Advertising, Photography, Social Media, Blogging, Graphic Design

Beautiful design

Over 70 million companies have chosen the flawless flexibility of WordPress. We build and reboot all types of sites — simple, custom, detailed and complex. It is extremely customizable, simple or complicated.

What we offer
  • Marketing Experience
  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Design

Simple Execution

Work with one company; one team of experts who can ease the transformation of your business from concept to implementation to launch.

What we offer
  • Responsive mobile websites
  • Social Media Integration
  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards

Top Notch Support

There is no need for you to be techy when you have an expert at your fingertips to explain, explore and launch your website effectively, maximizing all your internet outlets.

What we offer
  • Experience — Over 20 years
  • Local Support (Denver)
  • Layman terminology
  • 27/7 Email Response

Static Package

Static website, 3 pages, 1 custom Pop3/IMAP email (yourname@yourdomain.com).  No updates. Includes domain registration. This type of website offers a small business a presence on the internet but does not require any maintenance or monitoring. Includes 2 hour design work. This does not include blog author capabilities. Clients may add on additional modules (blog, video, podcasts, social media sharing, etc.) Client will be provided with a detailed quote outlining any additional enhancements.

  • 3 custom static pages
  • Custom Contact Form, custom header
  • Custom Logo, Custom domain
  • Custom menu, info@yourdomain.com
  • 1 Custom email@yourdomain.com
  • Includes 2 hours of design/development work ($800 value)
  • $499 + $249 set up fee = $748 one time charge
  • $199 renewal (normally $999/$299) Price lock guarantee. (see below)

Bronze Package

Static package PLUS WordPress CMS package, 3 custom Pop3/IMAP email addresses, 4 blog pages per month (submitted to webmaster and updated within 24 hours), 4 page updates per month. Can include YouTube, Photoblogging, and choice of theme colors. This type of account does not have a blog author/editor. This type of account is for the small business owner who wants very little hassle or involvement in their website, but may want to submit monthly changes.

  • Domain Registration 1 year
  • info@yourdomain.com, name@yourdomain.com
  • 5 pages (About, Product, Contact, Testimonials, Portfolio)
  • Includes home page
  • 4 hour of design/development work ($1600 value)
  • Includes mobile version ($499 value)
  • $1999 + $249 set up fee= $2248 one time charge
    $999 Renewal
  • GoogleAnalytics ($99 value)

Silver Package

Bronze Package PLUS WordPress CMS package, 3 custom Pop3/IMAP email addresses, 1 Blog Author login with unlimited blog pages, unlimited page creation.

  • Domain registration 1 year
  • 10 custom pages
  • Website Conversion
  • 8 hours of design work ($3200 value)
  • Mobile Version, Sharing
  • Facebook, Social Networks
  • $4999 + $249 set up fee = $5248 one time charge
    $499 Renewal

[ezcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]Gold Package

Silver Package PLUS WordPress CMS package, up to 10 custom Pop3/IMAP email addresses, up to 5 Blog Author/editor login with unlimited blog pages, unlimited page creation.

– Also includes domain name registration for 1 year
– Includes 3 pages (About Us, Product/Service, Contact)
– Includes up to 20 client custom content pages
– Includes 16 hours of Per Diem activities ($6400 value)
– Includes mobile version as part of package

Cost: $8999* (1 year subscription, design, development, hosting)
Renewal: $199 per year

$8999 + $249 set up fee = $9248 one time charge



Platinum Package — VIP Client

We understand that your company website is extremely important to your business.  Our VIP package will put your project at the top of the list.  
Gold package PLUS, WordPress CMS package, with unlimited custom Pop3/IMAP email addresses, unlimited Blog Author/editor login with unlimited blog pages, unlimited page creation.

– Also includes domain name registration for 1 year
– 10 custom subdomains (i.e. sales.yourdomain.com)
– Includes 3 pages (About Us, Product/Service, Contact)
– Includes up to unlimited client custom content pages
– Includes unlimited hours of Per Diem activities (Best Value!)
– Includes mobile version as part of package
– Includes plugin software with enhanced features

Cost: $19,999* (1 year subscription, design, development, hosting)
Renewal: $99 per year
Set up $249 fee waived

If you are interested in our unlimited Platinum plan we will issue you an Paypal invoice.



Additional pages/work on Per Diem basis ($400 per hour) if client does not have a consulting contract. Additional website add-on’s or functionality will be quoted individually. (i.e. user forum, Paypal, newsletter).

Renewal price lock guarantee

Client is signing a 20-year price renewal guarantee that the price will not increase for the specified time period. Website rights and copyright belong to OpusDeorum.com.  Client owns any provided content and graphics. If the customer does not want to sign a 20-year contract the price to purchase the copyright and host elsewhere is the renewal fee x months remaining of contract.  If a customer elects to prepay for future hosting for 20-years, that is a new startup option that can be implemented.

OpusDeorum.com uses the same model as the wireless industry and offers a discounted, more affordable investment with the promise of the future renewal business. If a client does not want to sign a contract the website price to include copyrights is renewal x 20 years.

Static Package Example

(i.e. $200 x 20 = $4000) for a static web package.

$4000+$499+$249 = $4747 due at time of launch.


Our clients’ websites are hosted with OpusDeorum.com.  Many clients will simply point their DNS server settings (from within GoDaddy.com as their registrar) to our server making it a seamless transition.  Other clients may use a redirect from their existing site to the new one.  Most of our clients will just leave it all up to us and tell us their desired domain name (if new). We do not do work for any account hosted on WordPress.com. We can however transfer your content and convert it and host it on our server. WordPress.com does not allow developer code access and prevents installation of plugins and customization. i.e. no YouTube-embedded code without paying additional yearly fees.  We also require our clients to host their domains with us in the event there is an issue with your website and we need access to it.

All of our SQL databases reside on a Linux server running cPanel.

The majority of your website design work is going to happen initially when you are converting, or creating a website.  If you have a complex website or you would like a complex website, keep in mind the number of hours it will take to develop it. If your business does not do regular writing of articles, then it is not advised to build a blog into your website if you are never going to use it.

For a static website, it will pretty much run on auto-pilot directing your customers to you for sales or service. If you need an update occasionally we can do that for you at our normal billable rate of $400 per hour. We bill at quarter hours.  i.e. 15 minutes = .25 hours.

We do custom work on a case by case basis. Please call us to arrange a time to discuss your project.

Meet the team who will build your dream

Aaron Stephens

Founder, Webmaster

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Aaron Stephens

Nate Stephens

Sales Manager, Web Developer

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Nate Stephens

How about Some Fun Facts about our agency?

Average # websites completed daily
Referrals that come from satisfied clients
Average # hours spent on each site
Years experience

“We start by doing a simple S.W.O.T. analysis (Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats), determine your company purpose and what you want your website to accomplish. We help to brand you by using your website as your priority collateral. We help to identify your target market, demographics, psycho-graphics, and then we build a website around those specifications.” — A. Stephens, Small Business Coach/Consultant


What  Some Of our Clients are saying

  • Aaron has been a joy to work with; he  is intelligent, creative and heart-centered.  His work ethic and communication are exemplary!! I have worked with him on a website and also design work. I couldn’t be happier.  Thank you Aaron for all you do!!!

    C. Jensen, RScP, Spiritual Director, Mile Hi Church
  • My website was absolutely perfect! It’s almost as if he could read my mind and produce exactly that as my website

    V. Dye
  • OpusDeorum is an incredible wealth of talent, design, skill, and creativity.  I have yet to see a website prototype that I did not like.

    H. Rucker



Denver, Colorado

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