Google Voice

by Aaron M. Stephens, M.B.A.

If you have ever made a call from your Android powered smartphone then chances are you may have called another Android phone. Somehow, mysteriously, your name is announced to the other party. Welcome to the magic of Google Voice. Millions of subscribers have employed a Google Voice phone number, which is attached naturally to a smart phone. If your Android phone called another Android phone, they literally have talked to each other, and have made courtesy announcements.

That’s not the only cool thing about Google Voice.  First off, you can have a totally different phone number that is attached to one, two or even four other phones; and all of the phones will ring when someone calls your Google Voice number.  So I can have my personal cell phone, business cell phone, and my home phone number all ring when you call my Google Voice, and I can answer on any of those phones.  I can use a free app called “Talkatone” to call you back so it shows my Google Voice number as the caller ID. I also can have a business associate attached when I am in a meeting with a client but still want phone coverage.

The other really handy feature is you can record your calls.  Simply press the 4 key and let your other party know what you are doing.  This can come in really handy when you have important details to write down but you aren’t in a handy place. Just so you know, by law you always have to tell the other person you are recording the call. i.e. training purposes, quality assurance, documentation reasons.

You can also program it so it only rings on certain days, and even time frames. And last of all the coolest feature is the answering machine converts to text magic.  If you can’t take the call and it goes to voicemail, Google Voice will convert it to a text message and text it to you. This is really handy when you can’t listen to a voicemail but you can read it.


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