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Valuable Marketing Dollars

Valuable Marketing Dollars  For many traditional business owners there has always been the cost of advertising.  Back in the day of paper, we used the Yellow Pages to find a reputable vendor. Advertising in the Yellow Pages or any other paper medium is still very expensive and there is very little return on your investment…

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Mobile MiFi (for FREE)?

Mobile MiFi, for FREE? by AARON STEPHENS on JULY 4, 2013 in MARKETING  By Aaron M. Stephens, M.B.A.  Awhile back I wrote an article about a little portable internet device called a MiFi. Just recently I stumbled upon a company that feels that internet should be free for everyone.   We all hear the word “free” and immediately some…

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Facebook Business Page

Many people who own businesses are Facebook subscribers and have the ability to have their own “business page” which allows the business to communicate with the customers and potential customers using the computer. It is an extension of the individual who owns the page. So when you see a posting in your news stream from…

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Google Voice

by Aaron M. Stephens, M.B.A. If you have ever made a call from your Android powered smartphone then chances are you may have called another Android phone. Somehow, mysteriously, your name is announced to the other party. Welcome to the magic of Google Voice. Millions of subscribers have employed a Google Voice phone number, which…

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What is Parallax?

In reference to web design and coding… Parallax is a much more complicated, time consuming web technology, but has many advantages to it, such as easy navigation, less clutter on the screen, larger, full screen graphics, sliding pictures, moving text, and displaying and easy “one page scroll” effect, that would ensure that the reader saw…

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