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Domains, Servers & WordPress Plugins

Domains If you own your own website then you own your domain, or the website url. As long as you are in control of the DNS server settings, usually found in GoDaddy, or wherever you registered your domain then you are in control. I like to think of this as the same as the copyright…

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Branding with Your Logo

For each website you create, you should have a logo. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should identify your company and or your purpose. You might just be writing a blog and you need to make your name into a logo. You can play around in Photoshop or Microsoft Word to find something…

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Valuable Marketing Dollars

Valuable Marketing Dollars  For many traditional business owners there has always been the cost of advertising.  Back in the day of paper, we used the Yellow Pages to find a reputable vendor. Advertising in the Yellow Pages or any other paper medium is still very expensive and there is very little return on your investment…

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