Valuable Marketing Dollars

Valuable Marketing Dollars

 For many traditional business owners there has always been the cost of advertising.  Back in the day of paper, we used the Yellow Pages to find a reputable vendor. Advertising in the Yellow Pages or any other paper medium is still very expensive and there is very little return on your investment unless you spent time and effort to track each new customer from that source, usually with a code on a coupon.  Many business owners will tell you how ineffective that is in acquiring new business. Why?  We all know the reason. We have smart phones and we have the internet. Why would you ever pick up a big clunky book to find something? You wouldn’t.
Instead you would do something now referred to as “Google it”.  This simply means you would go to a website called Google and type in whatever you were seeking. Magically not one, but dozens of options became available to you, and if you were lucky, testimonies to go with it.   As a webmaster I am constantly finding customers who want their website to be number one when some puts in a common search term. They want their website “programmed right so it is number one”.  Of course, who wouldn’t? But who is willing to pay for it?


Back in the days before the dot.com boom/doom, you literally had something called “meta tag” and “keywords” written into the code so your website would be found for your prospective client.  Things have changed dramatically, and one of the reasons why Google is probably the number one company is because they will take anyone’s money and put you higher on the list. Yes, it is true, you can throw millions of dollars at Google to achieve this.
Are there other ways that you can find clients using Google? Yes.  You can have a blog on your website that has interesting articles to drive customers to your site. You don’t have to pay to write a blog.  The search engines will still read and index your site based on the text that is coded into the files.  Most blogs these days are written in SQL and PHP a different type of website programming language.
So rather than throwing more money at Google with the hopes of new clients, instead invest in your blog with quality articles. Share those articles to your personal network to drive business to your website. Websites that have copyrights on them are fine as long as it is the current year. Your website should always be fresh, attractive, easy to read, and most importantly, generating new business or repeat business for you.  Your website is your 24/7 employee representing you and your company.


Are you challenged with your website?  Is your website not producing leads, clients and sales? Then perhaps you need to reboot it to a new scrolling website, where you can direct your viewers to your products and services.  If you would like to reboot your website with a high caliber marketing tool, then I invite you my websitewww.opusdeorum.com, I am offering a special “under budget” package until the end of the year.

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